“This is what I want to do to you” – Dissecting the ‘POV ur a TERF in my mentions’ trend.

A young man stands in his bedroom posing in front of a mirror. In his left hand he holds a machete, he takes a photo. Satisfied with his snap he lifts the weapon in both hands poised to strike, his face contorts into one of malignant rage, he takes another photo.  Is this the latest ISIS recruit? A school shooter’s manifesto? A bad taste art project? No, this is 'POV ur a TERF in my mentions' the latest trend in trans activism.

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Will suck for wokeness – The sexual made political.

“The phrase not only fetishises black bodies at a time when black people are directly asking to not be killed, but additionally places a value judgement upon women of all races; both those that are absent from the protest and those which choose to promote such slogans. In your absence from protest you are just a cock sucker, in your presence you are advertising your availability, reminding those that march alongside you that ‘good girls follow through’ both sexually and politically.”

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