The Truth Hurts? – My Twitter Ban

As of Saturday 20th of October 2019 I have been permenantly suspended from Twitter for… well actually it appears that I committed the crime of stating fact.

There is nothing in my tweet but fact that can be confirmed by only a brief google for news stories and statistics. Women simply DO NOT commit serious assault towards trans identified people.

ALL recorded murders, rapes and serious assault towards trans identified individuals in the UK and US have been committed by males.

That I have been banned for stating verifiable fact is obviously incredibly saddening for me. That Twitter still permits ‘MAPs’, violent porn and weirdos with weapons yet silences feminists for stating fact is frankly preposterous.

Will my ban be overturned by appeal? Will I don a fake beard, call myself Rafael and sneak by the Twitter censors? It’s very unlikely whilst Twitter is implementing such misogynistic double standards. I happen to enjoy stating fact.

8 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts? – My Twitter Ban

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  1. I’m laughing so much at this to be honest. Don’t you remember early on I think I said something to the effect of I was going to try to make you so incited that the eventual repercussions would be your eventual ban. And here we are. I now bid you adieu.


      1. Holy shit, I actually supported you for a minute before you pulled that! “I know your email and I know where you live”!
        Stooping to male extortionary tactics like that, christ that’s messed up!


  2. That’s outrageous. How is that a violation of twitter rules? I hope you are reinstated on appeal, or you find another way. I pray that your voice is not silenced on Twitter!


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