I am one of the Disappeared – Twitter’s War on Women

A few days ago I was featured in Graham Linehan’s “Disappeared” series. Discussing the ‘gender debate’ and Twitter’s continued War On Women; my interview was the latest in Graham’s series profiling feminists that have been banned from Twitter for “being the wrong sort of feminist”.

The reaction has been diverse from the very positive sight of friends and fellow feminists sharing their own reservations over “gender ideology” and their shock that you can be banned from Twitter for stating fact – to the frankly bizarre occurrences of family members blocking me on Facebook without discussion, Friends being told by their other friends that they “should not be friends with a TERF” and friends’ husbands suddenly becoming very concerned that their wives are associating with ‘a feminist’. Indeed at any time now I fear I am likely to be accused of full on witchcraft, Happy Halloween everyone, try to be kind to women and give my interview a read.

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