This week Cambridge University Student Union have released a guide on “How to Spot TERF Ideology” in order to:

“make sure that our movements are safe and inclusive for everyone.”

-Cambridge University Student Union 2019

After reading the quite frankly overtly misogynistic text that contains such ‘progressive’ suggestions as feminists:

“Centring the voices of trans women and transfeminine people”

-Cambridge University Student Union 2019

and the blatantly racially insensitive:

“Recognising that the ‘sex binary’ is a colonial fiction created to oppress trans, queer, and gender-non-conforming people (esp. of indigenous genders), and people of colour as a whole, as well as women.”

-Cambridge University Student Union 2019

I feel it’s important to consider if you yourself could be a TERF. To help aid you in this important journey of self discovery I present to you:

How to recognise that someone somewhere probably considers you a TERF

Are you a woman that knows:

  • That there are only two human sexes?
  • That gender is a social construct?
  • That it is impossible for humans to change sex?
  • That a woman is an adult human female?
  • That a man is an adult human male?
  • That lesbians are same sex attracted women and therefore are only attracted to other women?
  • That gay men are same sex attracted men and therefore are only attracted to other men?

Someone somewhere almost certainly considers you a TERF.

Do you also acknowledge:

  • That there is no such thing as a gendered soul?
  • That human’s have existed for quite a while now because of sexual reproduction that involves two distinct sex classes?
  • That intersex conditions do not prove that there are additional sexes and any such assertion is actually quite often considered insulting to those with intersex conditions?
  • That male humans are of the sex class that typically has the ability to produce small gametes?
  • That female humans are of the sex class that typically has the ability to produce large gametes?

Yes, that certainly seems a little…TERFY…

Have you ever:

FPA 2019

…Yes, these too are examples of ‘TERF Ideology”….

Do you reject:

…Quite frankly at this point you’ve probably already been called a TERF…

Do you believe:


Finally: Are you a man that:

  • Engages in any of the above behaviours?
  • Has sympathy for the current plight of women?
  • Feels angry or at least concerned about women’s rights being erased?

Then yes, you too can be considered a “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” – someone somewhere considers you a TERF.

When you acknowledge that women may just have a point about all of this suddenly the acronym suddenly doesn’t matter at all.

All that matters is that you are now branded a TERF, a term used to mock, dehumanise and insult. Congratulations, do you still feel that Cambridge University should have a TERF Spotting Guide?

For an analysis of CUSU’s guide please see here.

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