CUSUs TERF SPOTTING Guide is Misogynistic Racist Propaganda

Cambridge University Student Union has recently published a guide on “How to Spot TERF Ideology” .

I propose that far from the progressive guide to inclusion that it claims to be; it is instead hostile divisive propaganda relying on misogyny, racism and the exploitation of intersex conditions to aid the silencing of women’s concerns. This is why:


I urge you to consider why exactly an ‘inclusive’ movement would be so very keen to shut down debate and discussion, if almost everything can be considered ‘fluid’ why is the concept of ‘trans’ so utterly monolithic and hostile to those that may question it?

If you enjoyed the wonderfully trans-centric “How to Spot TERF Ideology” you may also enjoy the “Equity: Guidelines for Entertainment Professionals Working With LGBT+ Performers”.

8 thoughts on “CUSUs TERF SPOTTING Guide is Misogynistic Racist Propaganda

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      1. As a former Biomedical scientist the ignorance of science by the Trans Rights movement appals me. That women’s rights are being thrown under the bus in the rush not to be labelled transphobic is also appalling.

        I have three sisters, two daughters and 5 nieces so I feel i have no choice except to speak out over this issue which is why I follow your blog now.

        English was my best subject at school and I agree with you that if words have no mutually agreed meanings then we cease to be able to communicate.

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      2. Thank you so much for saying this! It’s so important that both women and men speak out about this assault on both rights and reality.


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