Sprite Argentina advert promotes breast binding

In this advert that can be viewed on their Twitter account a variety of parents and family members can be seen assisting young people prepare for a pride event.

In one segment a woman is shown helping to bind her daughter’s breasts.
No Estes Solx – “Not alone” the advert chimes to the soundtrack of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – unless apparently you object to this portrayal of the female body as some sort of problem at best to be disguised and mutilated or at best mocked by men through their attempts at imitation.

I find this utterly repulsive. Not only is such self injurious activity is shown in such a prosaic way but that women are shown actively participating in our erasure.

Perhaps for their next advert they could show a woman scoring drugs for her child, or assisting purging. Maybe buying a trans coloured baseball bat?

Why must some self-harm be seen as progressive?

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  1. Aside from being potentially painful it is likely to reduce blood flow to the breasts and surrounding muscles which can do harm.

    It reminds me of the boy who was trans who taped his penis down pretty much constantly and caused it to become cancerous due to lack of oxygen and blood flow. Chronic low oxygen levels are a risk factor for carcinogenesis.

    How can you exercise effectively with your chest tightly bound? Are we going back to the time of girls and women fainting due to a combination of anaemia and tight corsetry? This unbiological trans stuff needs to stop now, it is obviously harming people.

    With increasing numbers of transitioners detransitioning as adults this just breaks my heart in terms of the damage down. Not as bad as puberty blockers or giving young girls mastectomies but appalling nonetheless.

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  2. It reminds me of this…….


    Notice that the article says that mother’s do this to their daughters, making it seem like it’s all on women, as if women are just doing this to girls in a vacuum. About halfway through the article, it states that mothers do this to girls to prevent “unwanted sexual advances”.

    What it means is that males rape little girls. And the rape is the fault of the girls because they are developing breasts. But let’s not confront men, let’s mutilate little girls, right?

    I developed full on size c breasts at 11, and I don’t think that a single male has looked at my face since. I understand being uncomfortable in my body, the male “attention” started when I was 11, from grown males, it’s gross and inappropriate, and very frightening.

    Everything female is hated. Thanks to males.


  3. This is by no means a way of blaming girls. That reasoning is absurd and dangerous. While this practice is unsafe, and probably isn’t in the best of a girl, this is in no way meant to fault girls, that is an assumption you have made, and it is frankly ridiculous.

    You cannot teach men not to rape.

    Let’s face facts, and stop dancing around it. You cannot teach men not to rape, you cannot teach women not to rape. You cannot teach men not to kill, you cannot teach women not to kill. You cannot teach men not to steal, you cannot teach women not to steal.

    As a parent, as a teacher, as a counselor, it is your job to guide children to the right path, and that is it.

    I was taught as a child not to take what wasn’t mine. Never “if you really need it,” or “if you can’t find it.” It doesn’t belong to you? Yes? Okay, so you don’t touch it.

    And yet, I was still written up in the seventh grade for taking a girl’s pencil. I had been taught from day one that was wrong, but I still did it. Why? Because I wanted to, and it is that simple.

    You’re either born a predator, or not. I was not. You were not. But some people are. If you teach me not to steal, I won’t do it, not necessarily because you told me not to, but because I never planned on engaging in that sort of behavior.

    They do this because they care about their children, because while predators can never change, we can in order to ensure our safety. That is why we don’t drive into unfamiliar neighborhoods as a woman, or walk at night alone as a woman, or pick up hitchhikers as a woman.

    Similarly, in Argentina, mothers bind their daughter’s chests for their own safety. Their daughter’s could walk around freely, without the bind, but it makes them more susceptible to these predators, like being in an unfamiliar country makes people who don’t speak the language susceptible. And while it’s a bitter truth, it is, nonetheless, a truth which we as women would be foolish to deny.


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