Uber WTF is your advert suggesting?

Tonight a friend drew my attention to this Uber advert:

The storyline is the endearing tale of a man in a dress that gets in his Uber then apparently upon discovering that his driver is a woman uses the Uber emergency button to call 911. No really…

I cannot be alone in wondering what the actual hell is this advert actually suggesting?

Is this an example of the ‘literal violence’ we hear so much about? Did the driver smile in the wrong way? Was she caught being female on the sabbath? Does Uber actually think that their female drivers are actually that much threat to men (in or out of dresses?) .

I’ll leave you to speculate…

New York Uber driver charged with kidnapping 15-year-old girl

Uber driver pleads guilty to killing six people between rides

CNN investigation: 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse

How many rapes and sexual assaults have been carried out by Uber drivers in the Metropolitan Police Area, over the last three years?

Uber sued for $10 million by woman who was sexually assaulted by her driver

Uber driver who raped passenger then took a selfie with her jailed for 12 years

I have asked Uber for clarification on Facebook, I await an answer.

(Please note: it was calling out male violence against women that got me permabanned from Twitter so if this is the way I leave WordPress it’s been fun, YouTube is next!)

8 thoughts on “Uber WTF is your advert suggesting?

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  1. You are exactly right. What in the hell is Uber playing at? There is literally no reason whatsoever for that man to have dialed 911 or felt threatened. Nothing about that friendly woman was dodgy…so what was the point?

    I’m guessing it was advert virtue signalling by way of insinuating that men dressed like women are women, and can feel threatened by actual women.


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  2. Trans cannot acknowledge that 100% of the violence perpetrated against them is performed by men, because that would derail the trans narrative that feminists are so scary and dangerous to them. If the driver were male, it would correctly identify the greatest threat to trans AND women as male, and support the need for WOMEN to be protected from men, including men who pretend to be women.

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  3. i agree this add is anti women. I think that is all that needs saying. Considering the number of TRA’s online threatening women like you with violence Rebecca the idea that this Trans Woman could feel threatened by a woman rather than vice versa is entirely stupid.

    And what is it with the eye makeup so many Trans Women wear? Is it supposed to make them look alluring and feminine? I volunteer in a charity shop and we got this handbag donated which was gaudy silver with hot pink outlining and handles. I commented that it looked like something a Trans Woman would buy and the female staff all laughed and agreed.

    Note I have nothing against Trans people and would serve one in exactly the same way as everyone else regardless of what they were buying. For one thing you never know which ones are actually allies. Not all Trans people are TRA’s or agree with their stance and tactics. The older ones say they have never wanted to be anything other than Trans Women.


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