Better than ISIS worse than Nigel Farage

As a farewell to the ‘10s published their “50 Dickheads of the Decade” in their words; the ‘very worst of the worst’.

You’ll be excused for not feigning shock that the site that published such ‘feminist’ delights as ‘The U.K. Has a Transphobia Problem and J.K. Rowling Is the Latest Offender’ (written by an adult human male) and ‘TERFs Don’t Deserve to Define Themselves as Feminists’ (again written by an adult human male) assigned a rather high rank to women who respect biological reality.

Indeed yes, feminists (I’m ignoring the superfluous ‘transphobic’ because such terms have been rendered meaningless by overuse) rank number 6 on‘s ‘Dickheads of the decade’, better than ISIS, worst than Nigel FarageTommy Robinson, plastic, Tony Blair and male entitlement. states:

“From mainstream newspaper columnists inciting moral panic, to Mumsnet members lapping up said panic, trans-exclusionary radical feminists (to furnish them with their full title) have further fuelled the UK’s reputation as a hotbed of intolerance. Quite honestly one of the most insidious phenomena, creating fear in a marginalised community, sicked up by this decade!”

With its throwaway reference to Mumsnet (quite why does Mumsnet bother trans activists to such a degree when Kiwi Farms exists?) to the hyperbolic (and damn right awkwardly written); ‘insidious phenomena, creating fear in a marginalised community, sicked up by this decade!” it was certainly the most entertaining item i’ve seen from in a few years.

I of course mean entertaining in the sense that any publication that can speak of the UK’s reputation as a ‘hotbed of intolerence’ yet overlook the human rights violations of such countries as Saudi Arabia, North Korea or indeed the United States; whilst (of course) posting a picture of a woman’s backside to illustrate ‘Male Entitlement’ must be aiming for satire, right?

Happy New Year may I suggest an anti-emetic for the new decade? perhaps the users of Mumsnet would be willing to advise you on something suitable…

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  1. Oh dear, I have hardly ever read Vice because when I did a long time ago I went wtf? Can’t even remember what it was. I decided it was a waste of my eyeballs and went elsewhere more interesting and enlightening. I’m not even sure why it is still there.

    I suppose like the Daily Wail there are some people who will lap up such tosh uncritically.

    Meanwhile as the new year rolls over it finds me engrossed and entranced once again by Anthony Burgess’s comic masterpiece Enderby. I have a beginning to fall apart so must be treated carefully omnibus edition of the first three books and a solo copy of the fourth.

    The giants we have lost over the years, now seemingly unregarded. Now we have lost the colossus which was Alasdair Gray. I’m still chewing over Lanark and I read it over 5 years ago now.


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