New Year New Lists

As we head into the new year I feel I must apologise to anyone who may have hoped I had found a ‘healthier hobby than listing misogynistic Tweets‘ BUT here we go; New Year new me lists!




I’ve been watching this trend for a while but upon deciding to commence listing examples I was shocked by the prevalence of the phrase. 

With clear echoes of the rancid “get back in the kitchen” I feel this phrase is unquestionably a dismissive insult designed to force women out of contemporary public discourse.

Growing list can be found HERE but below are some glorious examples…




Because in today’s society anyone can be a woman…accept for women that hold a differing view to men…

Growing list can be found HERE but below are some glorious examples…

(Notice that the vast majority of posters are adult human males)




So what DOES the acronym TERF stand for then? Are you sure you’re not using the acronym as an excuse to insult and abuse women? Did you really mean witch?

Growing list can be found HERE but below are some glorious examples…

How do these phrases make you feel?

2 thoughts on “New Year New Lists

Add yours

  1. Old school misogyny in a new form? With the odd woman joining in because she’s brainwashed I s’pose.
    It’s frustrating, but I hope in time women will understand these men are not their friends.


  2. I have trouble understanding whether or not this is for or against TERFS.

    In my opinion, anybody who wants to be a feminist should be a feminist. Anyone who wants to be a liberal should be a liberal. Anyone who wants to be a racist should be a racist.

    I don’t understand why we can’t label people as they wish to be labeled (within reason) because of technicalities. Third wave feminism advocates for the rights of millennial women, which are presumed to be not in their entirety, as compared to men. So just because men have benefited from women’s lack of rights doesn’t mean they can’t be against it.
    Your logic entails the argument that because white people have benefited greatly from the inhumanity that was the slavery and oppression of those of color (such as my ancestors whose homeland was colonized for almost forty years), which has existed for centuries, cannot be against slavery, since they have benefited from it.


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