Why I do not support the reasonable compromises of Ray Blanchard

This morning I was told that Dr Ray Blanchard (best known for his research studies on autogynephilic transsexualism) had posted the following to his Twitter followers:

I initially found it incredibly disappointing to witness an ‘expert’ who had provided such a valuable contribution to the understanding of autogynephilic conditions decide to openly follow the lead of Ricky Gervais’ “a plague on both your houses” stance of declaring ‘both sides’ unreasonable and placing himself in a position of placid circumspect.

Unsurprisingly many women felt similar disappointment to my own and after many requests for an example of ‘reasonable compromise’ Blanchard later felt the need to clarify his statement:

I do not believe that it is the place of ANY man to be informing women what principles they must compromise and although I can accept that Blanchard has attempted to be ‘fair’ regarding the ‘compromises for trans’ (perhaps a bit too late since trans identified males are already destroying our sports!) I find the compromises for women to be quite grotesquely insulting.

I fervently oppose the first ‘compromise for women‘ because so many women (including myself) simply do not want ANY man in our single-sex spaces. It does not matter how pretty, or ‘feminine’ they present nor what amount of surgery they have had; men can never be women and should not be permitted in our spaces.
Any ‘vaginoplasty’ that a male person elects to undergo will never create an actual vagina but instead at best a surgical imitation of a vagina. The possession of a vagina in a woman doesn’t make a woman a woman, nor does a surgical mock-up of a vagina in a man negate the very real threat of an otherwise male-bodied person in a female space. This also begs the question of just how Blanchard proposes such a ‘compromise’ would be policed? Surely it is better to just stick to the bathroom of your sex?

The second ‘reasonable compromise for women‘ is perhaps the most bizarre of all. Why would we support the changing of the ‘sex designation’ on any documents when every single person alive on this planet is a product of the immutable dimorphism of sex. Humans simply cannot change sex and as women we should not have to support such lies that suggest they can simply for the psycho-sexual gratification of men. Legal and government-issued documents should reflect reality not the personality of the named individual at one particular point in time.

In light of Blanchard’s ‘reasonable compromises,’ I would like to suggest the following compromise for MEN:

Men; please grow the hell up and accept that some of you choose to surgically modify your bodies for psychological or sexual gratification, others choose to dress in ways you do not. These men are no less male than any of the rest of you and need to use your spaces without abuse or harassment. Let them.

-Rebecca Eddy

Problem solved? Perhaps some would argue not entirely; but it would pass the responsibility for the mental health and sexual paraphilias of men back to men themselves, which is frankly overdue.

For too long women have been forced to compromise in order to make men feel better about themselves, and for too long we have been forced into the role of the eternal mother, nurse, and healer of all. It is not the job of women to fix men, it is the job of men to accept their own broken concepts of ‘male’, what a shame that so few prominent men like Blanchard are willing to take the lead when it comes to their own sex.

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  1. I think the solution is a third class of bathrooms/changing rooms etc. It has been done before when all such facilities were male. Women agitated and campaigned for their own public toilets and got them. Have male, female and unisex facilities but no XX women in the mens and no XY men in the women’s.

    Women had to fight that fight so so should trans people. But of course that would not be validating their aspirations, would it? That the world does not exist and has no obligation to validate you is of course ignored. Politeness in public with pronouns is one thing but in what should be private segregated places, no.

    And as a straight XY man I do not want a unisex facility to be the only one available. Thus far here in Dundee I have not encountered any but then I don’t visit the university campus much any more either.


    1. The troons have consistently refused third spaces. They insist on having access to women and children when they’re most vulnerable – and preferably naked (see Jonathan Yaniv). It’s almost like they have a fetish or something.

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  2. Here is my compromise.

    Males can impregnate troons, and troons can take a turn having all the babies. You know. Since they are women, and all.

    After troons fulfill my compromise for 5 years, or so, then we can talk.

    Also, troons can have the menopause, the wonky period cycles, and all of the other bullshit that only happens to women, yet, they screech BUT WHAT ABOUT MENOPAUSAL WOMEN????, as if it’s some big gotcha, when these are experiences that only women have.

    These are experiences women have. Since troons are women, I don’t foresee any issue.

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