Feminism is for men

“Feminism is for men” …and the occasional woman that knows her place!

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4 thoughts on “Feminism is for men

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  1. They just don’t want to. The reason you don’t see more people involved in feminism is because they don’t want to be a part of feminism. That doesn’t mean they don’t support women’s rights. That simply means they don’t want to be labeled with the term “feminist”, as it has various negative connotations.


    1. Feminism isn’t for men. Feminism is for the liberation of women and girls from the oppression of patriarchy. All men benefit from that very system of patriarchy so they cannot therefore be feminists.


  2. That’s the equivalent of saying white people couldn’t have been abolitionists because they benefit from the system of oppression


    1. White ppl could have been abolitionists but they couldn’t be the spokesperson of the black lives matter movement. The entire point is to give voice to women.
      Which male feminists have had the bad reputation to high-jacked over time… making it all about how prostitution is empowerment and transwomen are women

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