JK Rowling and the Blue Ticks of Shame

A collection of blue-ticks that just HAD to speak out against a woman stating biological fact.

3 thoughts on “JK Rowling and the Blue Ticks of Shame

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  1. Holy shit these people are awfully insecure for people who insist their ‘identities’ are real. It’s like they haven’t read her books (only fanfics) OR her essay. It’s like they deny their own parents who were of the only two sexes that there are in humans. I wonder sometimes, how they are able to recognise those they want to have relationships with and that, if genitals don’t matter, how do they do sex? But I’m prurient like that!

    To the ‘woke’: Stop co-opting JKR’s work and write your own transy books.

    Personally I’m so bored with this exact same ‘transstory’, I just wish they’d get on with their lives and do something constructive about the million other problems on this planet besides pretending to be something that they’re not.

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    1. I find the worst ones are the ones that have had their careers boosted by JK’s words , there seems something truly wrong about listening to a woman (that has helped your career) speak of sexual and physical abuse and still feeling the need to let everyone know you stand against her.


  2. Still can’t find any actual rebuttals to anything JK Rowling has said, just insults and empty ‘TWAW’ chanted over and over.

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