Male Periods and Male Pregnancy

“Trans women have periods” no, males do not have and never have had periods…

“Periods aren’t just for women!”

“Men give birth too, bigot!”

4 thoughts on “Male Periods and Male Pregnancy

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  1. Hey 🙂 You’re kinda awful. You’re kind of a massive, whining transphobe. I’m a cis lady and I’m not losing my shit because some dudes bleed and get pregnant. What do I have to be afraid of? Why would I deny that truth? That’d be like reading “some men love men” and then like. Crying because that’s nasty, that’s not true, only women can love men or something. Please try seeing trans people as living, feeling human beings deserving your basic compassion and respect.


  2. Oooooo I see my last comment is gone. Wonder if you got rid of it or just, like, I can’t see it anymore haha. Anyways, just went to your most recent post and say you removed comments. Just wanna say – cherry picking isn’t great, and also please like, consider things before calling believing trans folk “trans ideology” and calling supporting trans folk “modern misogyny”. In order: I know you picked mainly dudes for the top of your images, and then picked a few ladies near the bottom. Pretty obvious. The weapons thing isn’t great but neither is misrepresentation. Second, there’s no such thing as “trans ideology”. Dude. It’s a condition that’s been medically recognized and treated since the 80’s. Denying these identities and truths increases risk of suicide and mental health issues exponentially. Cis folk like me aren’t falling for some stupid plot, we’re realizing that these people need our love and support, just like anyone, and that they would never lie about this. That’s the thing – your belief is that trans people transition so that they can take advantage of that gender, but things would be more advantageous (If they were actually their assigned gender) to stay cis and such. Being trans is dangerous and difficult, and being cis is always more convenient than lying and saying you’re another gender. These people aren’t lying. They aren’t risking their lives for some advantage that isn’t there. And third, uh, modern misogyny? The old kind certainly hasn’t gone away or been replaced! Ma’am (I think)!! My stepfather still takes the time out of his day to mansplain every part of science and religion to me every time we talk. My father still gets to yell and throw tantrums while the three cis ladies in the house just kind of babysit. My male cousins get to murder frogs and it’s funny. My lady cousins still have to be sweet and smart and stay home while the lads get to go shoot bb’s. And when anyone, ANYONE tells me, a cis bisexual lady, that trans people are faking it, or in my stepfather’s case should be physically assaulted ’til they learn the truth, I tell them right off. Trans people are valid, and to support them itself is feminist. Speaking as the constant attendant of my local NOW (national organization for women) chapter and a participant in the LOW (league of women voters), some of the oldest women’s rights organizations in America. They face gender discrimination, same as us, sometimes worse than us, and need community, support, and protection just as much. I hope you can see that. Hope you read this. Bye.


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