On this page I am documenting examples of the “POV: Ur a TERF In My Mentions” trend. If this looks like a collection of (mainly men) brandishing weapons at women it’s because IT IS a collection of (mainly) men brandishing weapons at women.

Quite why this is deemed acceptable for Twitter audiences whilst women get permabanned for stating fact is something that can only be answered by Twitter.


Honourable mention to these “POV” images that fall slightly short of meeting my requirements of a “POV Ur a TERF” but still have a good dose of either misogyny and violence directed towards those that refuse to unquestioningly support the assertions of “gender ideology” or are just frankly too ridiculous to not be highlighted…

I have decided to include the more ‘ridiculous’ anime and cartoon examples to demonstrate the variations in the trend.

For my analysis of the “POV Ur A TERF In My Mentions” trend please go here.

Please note: These people have willingly posted their faces on social media, I have not accessed them from locked or restricted accounts. Many of these images can be found by simply googling “POV terf”.

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